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Video list: Covid-19 & Real Estate

We decided to start providing some curated videos and articles that have added a lot of value to us.

By now, most players in the real estate market in Canada have adopted a work-from-home system. Our team is at home working hard on creating opportunity for lenders & borrowers alike.

We've also been leveraging the inevitable downtime to sharpen our pencils and invest our energy into getting an intimate understanding of the factors at play:

Covid-19 Canadian real estate reading list:

1. MP Marty Morantz interviews Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz

I found this video was full of a bunch of soundbites that felt like a gamble on Poloz's part. Most notably the "cursive-v" shaped recovery, and the headline that Weimar-style inflation would be "a nice problem to have". These soundbites are either going to age really well, or really poorly. Directly related to the Weimar comment, and conveniently on the topic of how soundbites age, here's a 2013 video of Poloz explaining how QE won't lead to Weimar-style inflation:

2. Steve Saretsky: "The economic machine was not designed to shutdown"

As always, I really enjoyed this commentary from Steve Saretsky. The perspective is unique because Saretsky is really well researched in the macro, but also intimately in touch with the residential resale market through his work. The collission of these two factors means that his input can give a really sobering look at what happens when the nuances of consumer psychology cope with macroeconomic challenges. I was fortunate enough to get an hour of Steve's time to record a nice back & forth analysis of how the risk factors stack up between real estate in Toronto and Vancouver:

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